Vitamin D: what it is used for and what foods to find it in

vitamina d cosa serve dove trovarla

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble substances that play a key role in the proper functioning of the body: for example, they regulate calcium and phosphate metabolism and homeostasis, supporting the physiological growth of bones and protecting them from aging but not only. Let’s find out together the properties of vitamin D and […]

Cheese: between science and fake news

formaggi scienza fake news

Defending against fake news is not easy. It takes very little to fall for it, and it can happen to anyone. Today we debunk the three most talked-about false myths about cheeses, abused like so many other poor foods. Ready? Go!

The gut microbiota

microbiota intestinale comunita

What it is, what functions it performs, and how we can take care of this important ally of our health. From here and there on the Web and in magazines we have probably come across this somewhat edgy term. Gut microbiota. I can imagine eyebrows furrowing in puzzlement, eyes scrolling through the […]

Microbes in our mouth and respiratory diseases: is there a correlation?

microbi nella nostra bocca malattie respiratorie

Microorganisms living in the oral cavity are connected to our health: not only to that of the mouth itself, but most likely also to that of our respiratory system. Recently, I had the opportunity to read and study a review from 2022 that talks about this very correlation1. In the world of […]