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We work continuously to ensure that our site is interesting and useful to our customers, responding to their needs. Cookies are part of the tools available to us to achieve this goal.

What are cookies and how do they work?

On this page, you will find detailed information about cookies and instructions on how to manage them from your computer. Let’s start with the frequently asked questions …

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit most websites. Their purpose is to guarantee you the best possible user experience when you visit the same website several times.

Why does use cookies?

Cookies allow us to improve the content, functionality and speed of the site, while at the same time allowing us to understand what our users like and dislike and to adapt the site to their needs. We also use cookies to make the advertisements on our website better reflect your interests. uses cookies to guarantee you a useful, intuitive and interesting website for your research purposes.

Without the use of cookies, a website is unable to remember the user’s preferences or login credentials on his next visit. For example, by allowing your browser to save cookies you will not be forced to enter your username each time you log in: cookies will help us remember this information for you.

Here is a list of the main cookies used by and information on their operation.

What cookies does use?

Cookies of the websites displayed and third-party cookies uses various types of cookies. The “cookies of the websites displayed” are set by, while the “third party cookies” are set by our partners, vendors and suppliers. The latter allows you to access special content on our site, such as videos and advertisements, provided by third parties. Third-party cookies do not recognize your personal data, but only your computer as soon as you access our site and, sometimes, even the sites of other companies. These cookies also help us to collect important information on the use of the site (website analytics). Following you will find more information regarding.

Permanent cookies and session cookies

Like most websites, we also use “session cookies”, which remain on your computer while you are on our website, only to be deleted when the browser is closed. The “permanent cookies” instead are saved on the browser to be used the next time you access the saccosystem.comsite

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies allow you to browse our site and use all its essential features. Without them, our site would not work properly and users would not be able to use its main services. Strictly necessary cookies allow you to use essential features during the purchase process or to securely access the pages of your account. These cookies are strictly necessary because without it you would not be able to access the main services available on our website.

Performance and functionality cookies

These cookies ensure the display of practical features such as maps and videos. They also allow you to save your settings on our website, including previously viewed tabs or search results. These are essential cookies because they allow us to improve the performance and functionality of our site, to make it useful and interesting for your research purposes.

Analytical and preference cookies

We use analytical cookies and preferences to collect information on the use of the site by our users and to find out the level of appreciation of our marketing initiatives. The data collected also helps us to tailor the website to your needs and to offer interesting and relevant content to your searches.

Social network cookies

As the name suggests, these cookies allow our users to share content through third-party social networks. This type of cookie is set by the social network service provider.

In detail, the cookies on the site are the following:

Name of the CookiePurposeCookie typeDurationSource and belonging of cookiesRecorded informationCases in which it is usedAccess to information
User dataIt allows you to recognize the user’s browsing session.Techical Cookies30 User dataNavigation profilingSacco srl
IdUserUser identifierTechical Cookies30 dayswww.ingredientssaccosystem.comUser dataNavigation profilingSacco srl
IdUserProvvIt allows you to recognize the origin of the userTechical Cookies30 dayswww.ingredientssaccosystem.comUser dataNavigation profilingSacco srl
LawCookieIt allows you to recognize the user’s browsing session on the server side.Techical CookiesEnd of sessionwww.ingredientssaccosystem.comUser dataNavigation profilingSacco srl
ASPSESSIONIDCCADSRBTIt allows you to recognize the user’s browsing session on the server side.Techical CookiesEnd of sessionwww.ingredientssaccosystem.comUnique session identifierAll the websiteSacco srl
__autvcEncryption of sensitive data of the user’s browsing session.Techical CookiesEnd of sessionwww.ingredientssaccosystem.comUnique session identifierAll the websiteSacco srl
APISID, HSID, PREF, SIDIt allows Google to provide its own tailor-made servicesThird parties cookies  GoogleSite navigation trackingAll the websiteGoogle Inc. Per informazioni sui cookie di Google Analytics si veda qui. Per informazioni sulla gestione della privacy da parte di Google Inc si veda qui.
datIt allows Facebook to deliver its tailor-made services.Third parties cookies FacebookLogin to the site with social profileAll the websitePer informazioni sui cookie di Facebook si veda qui. Per informazioni sulla gestione della privacy da parte di Facebook si veda qui.

How to manage cookies?

After reviewing the operation of cookies and their use by to improve your user experience, here are some useful tips to help you manage cookies from your computer.

You can set or change your browser controls to delete or disable cookies. However, by choosing to disable cookies you may have limited access to some features and areas of our website. On the website, you will find simple instructions for managing cookies on different types of browsers.

Most advertising networks offer the option to refuse cookies. To learn more about managing and/or disabling advertising cookies, consult the Digital Advertising Alliance and Your Online Choices websites.

For more information on cookies and other technologies used by, write us an e-mail using the customer service contact form. We will do our best to answer your questions.

Now cookies have no secrets for you.

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