How to relax the body on vacation with yoga

The long-awaited vacations are here, and the good resolutions to rest, relax and have fun are many. How to optimize time and not waste it in vain?

First, let’s stop worrying, try to think positively and live in the present, then devote time to ourselves. It is not a paradox, but even on vacation it is necessary to have moments designated only for our physical and spiritual well-being. Yes, because even in these moments of leisure our schedules do not cancel out, they simply change, and it is therefore necessary to allow time for total relaxation.

Relaxing on vacation: why yoga

An extremely pleasant and effective way to relax is to practice yoga consistently. The summer season will be an excellent accomplice. By mixing outdoor activity with yoga, we will achieve a spontaneous alignment with the natural elements. Whether practiced in the middle of a forest or by the sea, this practice allows us to return to our primal nature.

Practicing yoga outdoors allows you to feel the embrace of nature, listen to the breath of the earth and maybe even manage to become part of it. Performing asanas outdoors helps us connect with the earth and our surroundings, as well as turning into a very intense experience with immediate effects on body and mind.

Natural elements can prove to be great allies: the sun will help us loosen our muscles, making them more flexible, while coordinating our breath with theair will help us maintain balance and have greater flexibility in our movements. Great allies will also be leaves and flowers. By focusing on the latter, we will be able to maintain concentration and position for a few minutes.

Now is the time to leave the office and connect with nature, to regain a sense of harmony and peace.

Practicing yoga daily in the morning as soon as we wake up or at dusk in the fresh air creates many advantages and benefits, as well as recharging our vital energy. Meditation also plays an important role, which is encouraged by the colors around us, providing an incredible sensory experience. Whether it is a trip to the beach or a hike in the mountains it will only take a few minutes to meditate away from the annoying noise of the city…

To stay relaxed and regain harmony, I suggest asanas that are easy to perform. The tree position, which is excellent if practiced right next to one, staring at it, is useful for experiencing on ourselves the vigor and strength of the trunk, its standing and being rooted in the earth.

Yoga on Vacation: the best postures

Vrksasana – The Tree

Start from Tadasana, the standing mountain pose, and distribute your body weight over the entire sole of your foot. Flex the right knee and try to bring the right heel toward the groin, opening the knee to the outside. If you cannot bring the heel toward the inner thigh, it is perfectly fine to rest it on the calf or ankle, always keeping the knee open to the outside.

Join hands in prayer in front of chest or bring hands together above head with elbows open. Observe a fixed point in front of you and bring your mind to that point, breathing in that position. Hold it for five long, deep breaths and perform the position with the other leg. We then try the Boat and Bench position, which are useful for strengthening the abdomen.

Bring yourself sitting on the mat, with the soles of your feet firmly on the floor, inhale, lift your legs to ninety degrees and raise your arms. Laying them parallel to the mat and shins, contract your abs well, keeping your back straight and chest open. Now spread your legs as far as you can and try to create a perfect “V” with your torso and legs. Arms should be parallel to the floor, gaze toward the toes. Hold the position for five long, deep breaths.

Kumbhakasana – Bench

From the quadrupedal position with hands and knees on the floor, bring your forearms to the floor and extend your legs back, lifting your knees off the floor and keeping your body parallel to the floor. To make it more intense, you can support yourself on your hands while keeping your arms outstretched. Perfect position for strengthening the abdominal wall, but also shoulders, arms and chest. Stretches leg muscles, toning abdominals and buttocks.

Hold the position for five long, deep breaths.

Nutrition and hydration allies of our well-being, even on vacation!

Once the positions are completed, don’t forget good hydration with fresh water or juices, as well as fruit and vegetable extracts, especially on vacation where we indulge in some dietary transgressions.

Then remember that it is necessary to take probiotics, safe allies and valuable accomplices of our well-being. For the benefits to be real, it is a good idea to take probiotics as a routine, intervening from within to offer extra support to the body and keep healthy. They should be seen as “invisible allies that promote well-being and health.”

And now indulge in the outdoors, summer beauty and fun!

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