Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic is the country of princely cities, characterized by imposing castles and opulent palaces full of charm. Despite its small size of only 80,000 square kilometers, it boasts an immense natural, historical and artistic heritage, with twelve UNESCO-protected monuments and hundreds of incredible attractions.
Wherever you decide to stop, you will be impressed by its welcoming hospitality and tasty gastronomy. You will be especially surprised by the Bohemian regional cuisine, which is largely influenced by the region’s microclimate: since it is surrounded by mountains, the Bohemia produces a huge variety of fruit, verdura, funghand cereals which, combined with the presence of our INgredients, results in a mouthwatering and varied culinary menu.

Discover the best products of Czech gastronomy under the IN brand and enjoy a journey of goodness and wellness.

RepubblicaCeca Page
Repubblica Ceca

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