Maintaining wellness at work: Exercises, Breaks and Probiotics!

Work is important for personal growth as well as physical and emotional well-being. But working is not always so rewarding; in fact sometimes it can be very tiring. Indeed, it must be recognized that spending so many hours a day engaged in various activities is no small thing.

After these months together, we have seen what are the basic steps to beststart and end the day. Therefore, one must try not to lose the wellness results achieved by summer break and night rest.

The theme of this article is for those engaged in office work or those who perform sit-down tasks. These are small tips and exercises to avoid especially physical soreness, due to poor posture, that we often adopt at our desks or computers.

Working involves thoughts and worries, which can sometimes translate into discomfort and physical discomfort. Therefore, there is no need to give up; it only takes a few steps that will help us improve our well-being.

Exercises to prevent pain at work

There are some easy-to-do exercises that are helpful in regaining health and energy. With a little perseverance, they can become faithful allies in preventing all those aches and pains caused by overwork.

Perfect are all those exercises that relieve tension in the neck, shoulders and arms. Wide circumferences and stretches will suffice. We can then cross our fingers, bringing our palms upward and extending our arms. Another useful exercise is to bring the right hand to the left thigh, extending the left arm upward and flexing the torso sideways to the right.

Yoga can also help us revive the body and relax the nervous system with the following exercises:

  • Uttanasana – bending the torso forward from a seated position. Stretch your legs forward, keeping your feet on the ground slightly apart. Slowly then bring the torso to rest on the legs, releasing the head and arms to a neutral position;
  • Jathara Parivartanasana – Twisting. Sitting down, bring your right hand over the back of the chair and your left hand off your right leg. Perform a twist with your torso, going to look over your right shoulder. Stand still for a few breaths and repeat on the other side.

Another useful tip to avoid building up tension and fatigue is to take a break for a few minutes every two to three hours of work. During these pauses we can close our eyes and rest our arms, stretch our shoulders and try to push all worries away from us, trying to breathe deeply and slowly.

Practicing yoga throughout the day helps us to stay focused, helps us not to lose energy and to continue our work in a positive way. Good humor is an indispensable companion and is always necessary, whatever the activity.

Probiotics as allies of our well-being at work

As a last but not least recommendation, always remember to include probiotics in our daily diet for a positive effect on our body’s health. Let us not forget that probiotics are faithful allies and valuable accomplices in our well-being. We know well that probiotics are colonizing, if taken regularly and obviously incorporated into good eating and exercise habits.

Probiotics should therefore be understood as “invisible allies necessary for our well-being,” even during working hours. The habit of taking probiotics on a daily basis is healthy: it promotes our physical well-being by directly contributing to our good mood, which is necessary to perform all daily activities to the best of our ability.

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