Probiotics and more: three tips to start the day with the right energy


It is not unusual to wake up with stiff and “cracked” muscles, resulting in less mobile joints.

Ingredients offers you a series of tips to follow as soon as you wake up, consistently, to overcome morning laziness and face daily life with good humor, helping physical and spiritual well-being. A morning routine that can help us feel fit and face the day with the right energy and a good smile.

Every morning we try to give ourselves time for us-even a few minutes is enough. Themain thing is to be consistent!

1) Waking up starts with 5 Sun Salutations, strictly on an empty stomach!

Besides bringing physical benefits, the sun salutation sequence instills awareness and prepares us for our own “spiritual enlightenment.” It is both a physically and spiritually complete practice in that it involves the performance of asanas (postures) whose sequence produces energy, which activates body and mind. In fact, the characteristic of the sun salutation is that it is a dynamic and fluid sequence, and for this very reason it is able to activate and reactivate all the functions of our body.

How to correctly perform the Sun Salutation

To begin we assume a standing position, feet together, and bring our hands in prayer in front of our chest. Let us take a few moments to “center ourselves” and bring our attention and energy to the flow we are about to execute.

Inhaling, we bring our arms up, palms touching; exhaling, we flex forward: bring hands close to feet, forehead to knees. Inhaling, we stretch the body, looking forward; exhaling we flex the knees and bring the right leg back, bring the left leg closer to the right and take the bench position. Exhaling let’s bend our knees to the ground, bring them to our chest, forehead forward, slide forward, elbows tight; inhaling let’s take the cobra position, exhaling, pointing our feet, let’s take the downward-looking dog position.

We stay for the time of 5 long breaths (hands and feet push down, feet are open and about 30 centimeters apart, tailbone points upward, shoulders and arms are active, and neck is relaxed). Exhaling, bend the knees, bring the gaze between the hands and move the right foot forward, left foot close to the right, feet together. Inhaling, we stretch forward, even with our gaze, exhaling bringing our foreheads to our knees; inhaling we rise bringing our palms together, exhaling we bring our arms along our body, or hands in prayer in front of our chest. Performing the recommended five Sun Salutations gently reactivates all the muscles of the body after an entire night.

Smooth movements and wide breathing

It is good care to remember never to force: the purpose is to stretch the muscles, gently helping the body awaken. We avoid, therefore, sudden movements. And let’s not forget to breathe: ample breathing helps calm the mind, optimize exercise and promote muscle oxygenation. We perform large, fluid movements, listening to our body’s signals: if we feel pain, we do not force. Exercise after exercise we will feel the release of tension, learn to feel with greater awareness everything that is happening in our body.

2) Water, lemon and ginger: a natural panacea

Having finished our greetings to the sun, let us prepare a glass of water, lemon and ginger-a winning trio and a natural panacea. It is a natural tonic , antiseptic and digestive, with purifying and detoxifying effects; an invigorating, vital and inspiring remedy. Drinking it in the morning, warm and on an empty stomach, is a particularly effective detox remedy that is easy to prepare: we peel the ginger root and slice it. We grind it with a fork, placing the slices in a bowl. Add the squeezed lemon. We bring to a boil after adding water, then let it cool with the lid on and, the drink is ready. Now let’s indulge in a healthy breakfast (according to one’s taste and need) and finish withtaking probiotics.

3) Probiotics: why are they so important for our bodies?

Probiotics are necessary for the health of our gut and are valuable allies in keeping the intestinal flora in balance (the bacterial flora is an ecosystem of bacteria found in our mouth, digestive tract, and vagina).

Probiotics have the characteristic of being colonizing, and it is therefore a good habit to take them daily, especially as the difficulties of the day adversely affect the intestinal flora, which is particularly sensitive to external stimuli. Probiotics containing Vitamin D, B Vitamins and Folic Acid also help defend our bodies.

These three suggestions, followed with perseverance and determination, will result in a pleasant awakening and make us start the day with the right spirit and energy!

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