Burrata Bufalinda

Typology: Fresh Cheese
Brand: Bufalinda
Nation: Venezuela

Burrata is a delicacy of Italian origin made into a soft mozzarella cheese and stuffed with milk cream with stracciatella (mozzarella fiber).

The flavor of our Burrata is unique being made with our 100% buffalo milk fermented cream.

It is ideal as an aperitif.



Burrata is a soft and delicate, slightly sweet mozzarella filled with sour cream and mozzarella fiber. It has a flower-like seal on top, and when you cut some of its cream spills onto the plate. Contains: pasteurized buffalo whole milk, citric acid, rennet, milk enzymes and salt. It is ideal to accompany salads, cured hams, olive oil and fresh black pepper.The product is placed in a sealed container immersed in a lightly salted liquid and acidified with citric acid to have PH and salinity balanced with the inside.

Nutritional Values

Average values per serving 20 g:

Energy 62 kcal
Fat 5.6 g
Carbohydrates 0 g
Protein 2.9 g
Salt 0.66 g

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