White Strained Yogurt

Naturally good yogurt.

The creamy white from the Val d’Aveto Cheese Factory needs no tricks: it has unique nutritional characteristics, it is a complete food, but most importantly it encapsulates all the goodness of milk and the nature of the Val d’Aveto valley in a teaspoon. The yogurt undergoes a specific whey removal treatment (straining process) that makes it thick and creamy. It contains no chemical additives or thickeners, no cream and no sugars.

Whole white yogurt has unique nutritional characteristics: in fact, it is a complete food, containing carbohydrates, protein and fat in nearly optimal proportions. The milk enzymes in it help us assimilate calcium and restore bacterial flora. Yogurt also has another excellent property: it is lighter and more digestible than milk, thanks to fermentations that promote the assimilation of all the nutrients in milk, and often therefore even those who are intolerant to milk tolerate yogurt very well.



INGREDIENTS: Pasteurized whole cow's milk, selected milk enzymes. Preservative-free.

VALIDITY: 30 days from the date of production.

STORAGE: In cold storage at + 4° C.

Nutritional Values

Energy:359 kJ - 86 kcal
Fat:4.9 g
Of which fatty acids:2.7 g
Of which unsaturated fatty acids:2.2 g
Carbohydrates:5.3 g
Of which sugars:5.0 g
Fiber:<0.1 g
Protein:5.1 g
Salt:0.13 g

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