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Arrigoni Battista S.p.A.

Arrigoni Battista SpA dairy was established in Pagazzano in 1914. The business is now led by 4th generation, represented by the President Marco Arrigoni, and it is distinguished by its integrated production chain, and a special regard for balancing respect for the tradition and a drive for innovation: both are the cornerstones of Arrigoni business philosophy. Now employing well over 100 people Arrigoni is an established leader in the dairy market both in Italy and abroad with a presence in 36 countries.

Arrigoni production spans from classic cheeses such as Gorgonzola PDO, Taleggio PDO and Quartirolo PDO to unique and innovative receipts such as BerghemBlu. Arrigoni excellence has been acknowledged time and again in several world class competitions with 6 medals in the 2019 World Cheese Awards and its very own gorgonzola to be served by spoon being awarded the prize as “Best Italian Soft Cheese” at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich (UK).


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