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Caseificio La Villanella S.r.l.

The name "La Villanella" derives from the Venetian dialect.
Yes, although we are from Campania (South of Italy), our name comes from far away. It is said that our grandfather, in the '50s, after returning from the military service in Veneto (North-East of Italy), he wanted to pay homage to the land that, although far from home, had so lovingly welcomed him. In fact, La Villanella is a dialectal expression that means peasant. And it is precisely at the peasant roots that our handmade history is linked and rich in "Bontà e Tradizione".

Our company is HACCP and can guarantee, within it, a person who has successfully completed training in the development and application of preventive controls, recognized as appropriate by the FDA. The resource has passed the course P.C.Q.I. - Preventive Controls Qualified Individual recognition issued by F.S.P.C.A. - Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance.
We produce D.O.P. and, always involved in training, we have won the "FMTS AWARD" award dedicated to companies that have distinguished themselves in the formation of their own resources. Moreover, during the last edition of the Anuga 2017 event, our 100 g - single-portion buffalo burrata has reached the top three in its category. Furthermore, all stages of the Production Process are subject to controls by external accredited laboratories to guarantee the health and quality of our products. In the company there is also an internal laboratory for routine chemical-physical and microbiological analysis of products and raw materials.


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