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Caseificio Defendi

Tradition, craftsmanship, innovation and high quality that’s Caseificio Defendi. Defendi is a family run cheese factory based in Bergamo that for over 150 years has distinguished itself for the production and ageing of PDO and high quality cheeses: Gorgonzola "Bacco", Taleggio "Il Caravaggio", Gorgonzola-mascarpone, Crescenza, buffalo gourmet specialities and organic cheese too. Defendi quality is the natural consequence of the passion and dedication that inspire and guide each of their choice for the pleasure of creating flavours that are able to excite. They use only Italian milk coming from certified local dairies. Their award-winning national and international products are exported all over the world. Certified Brc, Ifs, Organic, FDA, China.


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