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Fumagalli Industria Alimentari S.p.A.

The story of Fumagalli began in Brianza, where close ties with the land are an essential asset when producing Italian cured meats. Just before 1920, the Fumagalli family owned a deli meat shop in the town of Meda, which was in the province of Milan in those days. It had a small laboratory next door for processing pork meat and there they began producing cooked cured meats and cured salami. Around the beginning of the Thirties, production began on an industrial scale. They slaughtered their pigs and produced a rapidly growing range of cured meats. Later the company began producing cooked ham and thighs, as well as typical products from Brianza, which were sent to Langhirano (Parma) for curing to become Parma ham. 

The company continued to grow, expanding systematically into other European markets. Today Fumagalli exports 70% of its products to over 20 countries, including Japan, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, markets sensitive to sustainability and animal welfare, the issues at the heart of all the company’s choices. In fact, two of the company’s breeding farms were chosen by the European Commission to make an institutional video illustrating a more ethical way of raising pigs to farmers in the EU. Its efforts have not gone unnoticed and in 2016 Fumagalli was the only company in Italy to receive the Good Pig Award from Compassion in World Farming, the leading international non-profit association that campaigns for the protection and wellbeing of farm animals. In 2015 at Expo, the same organisation awarded Fumagalli the Good Pig Commendation for the wellbeing of its sows. Protecting the environment has always been a top priority for Fumagalli, so it has produced sustainable packaging for its new range of sliced meats - EcoFriendly - which uses 75% paper and a completely recyclable tray. 

There are three companies in the Fumagalli Group today: 
- Allevamenti di Nerviano, with headquarters in Nerviano and breeding farms in Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont; 
- Fumagalli Industria Alimentari S.p.A. with headquarters in Tavernerio (Como); 
- Stagionature Fumagalli S.r.l. with headquarters in Langhirano, where the king of cured meats, Parma ham, is boned and sliced. 

Fumagalli has its own supply chain and insists on 100% traceability. It is solely responsible for producing, managing and controlling the whole process, from genetics to slaughtering and from processing to the end product. In 2013 Fumagalli launched its Ethical Label to communicate the brand’s essence and its approach to business. The company presents the local and national projects it is involved in, illustrating its values of environmental and social sustainability. 


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