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Montanari & Gruzza S.p.A.

We came into being in 1950 in the region of Emilia, along the valley of the Enza river, where Parma province borders that of Reggio Emilia. Our founders Arturo Montanari and Arnaldo Gruzza fully understood the potential of the wholesome milk that had been produced in this area for almost a thousand years. They merged their activities together, production of butter and aging of typical hard cheese. Still today families Montanari and Gruzza run the same business together.

We believe in a sustainable cultural production, respectful of all the components in our dedicated production chain with its origins in the land. We therefore offer the modern market our special butter, produced with the cream surfacing naturally on the milk before we make Parmigiano Reggiano, together with an exclusive range of unique products, such as organic Parmigiano Reggiano and organic butter, and Parmigiano Reggiano from milk of typical Cow Breeds Red Cow from Reggio Emilia, Brown Cow and White Cow from Modena. Our organic range is the clear expression of this purpose and can be defined as best representative element which makes our offer unique and proves our engagement aimed to an eco-sustainable agriculture.


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