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Caseificio Montrone S.p.A.

Experienced hands and wise minds work passionately every day to create dairy products of excellent quality. This is the Caseificio Montrone, a great institution that was founded in Andria in the 1950s and is distinguished by its attention to selecting high-quality raw materials, mainly choosing milk from the Trentino market.

Montronella, the company's main brand, designs the products that are the result of the Montrone family's great love for their work: the art of knowing how to do good things with the care and dedication of true artisans of flavour. Products made by hand, with care and wisdom, offering the consumer a new way to taste dairy products. Softer and more velvety, tastier, because they are created by hands that have passed on the art of goodness from generation to generation.

Caseificio Montrone is ISO 22000 and ISO 14001 certified.

The flavours of the good things of the past, made by hand with care, are the artisan flavours that the Montrone family is still bringing to the table today, offering everyone the chance to taste fresh and genuine products, made according to the ancient art of cheese making. Like "Mozzata", the real, traditional mozzarella, "mozzata a mano", a triumph of artisan production, or "Burrata di Andria P.G.I." that in its pasta filata (spun paste) centre preserves all the tradition of a dairy product par excellence from the region where the Dairy began, (it recently became a Geographical Indication or P.G.I.).


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