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Sassano, the nature of Molise

In the hills of Molise, there is a dairy passion born 60 years ago. A story of family, of values ​​linked to the territory, of authenticity and taste, which has been able to transform a small artisan production of dairy products into a modern and sustainable company, available with its products throughout the country and abroad. In Molise, nature offers unique ingredients for our processing: pure mountain water, light and low in sodium, lush pastures and ancient cattle tracks, traditions tied to agriculture and stock breeding.

The strict stock farm selection, the efficient milk collection and processing system, state-of-the-art technology and production and logistical know-how complete our value offer. In 2022, the new plant in Vinchiaturo, in the province of Campobasso, will come into operation: in addition to the expansion of the production spaces, a complex system for the enhancement of whey, a by-product of dairy processing, will allow the production of biogas, water and electricity for self-consumption and to produce one kg of fiordilatte with an energy saving of over 40%. A growing company, with a concrete commitment to a sustainable future.


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