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YanguMasi is a processing aid that allows you to be creative, and make your own Amasi at home. Just add YanguMasi to your milk and enjoy fresh Amasi daily.
Did you know approximately 25-30% of milk produced in Sub-Saharan Africa is lost because of spoilage, prior to reaching the consumer? YanguMasi adds value to the informal-market sector as excess milk produced can be turned into Amasi - a traditional fermented milk drink of the indigenous people of South Africa, which has a smooth texture and sour taste.

Synercore launched YanguMasi following many travels to Kenya, where they visited subsistence dairy farmers who produce and distribute milk through the informal markets (this accounts for more than 80% of the total volume produced in Kenya!). Furthermore, the fact that they do not have refrigeration means that as much as 20% of the milk is not consumed due to spoilage, and is then wasted.

The idea was then to see how Synercore could add value to these farmers’ milk, by reducing waste and extending the shelf-life, while improving the safety of the product consumed, and adding unique nutritional benefits to promote health and wellbeing, which is how YanguMasi was created. It is up to us to bring about change and re-connect people and our planet.
Synercore in partnership with SACCO SYSTEM, added the best culture and enzyme solution to the YanguMasi sachets to improve the product’s texture, flavour and nutritional value.

About Synercore
Synercore is an investment company focusing on innovation and total solutions within the food industry in Southern Africa. At Synercore we strive to effectively translate research and new product ideas into reality through effective research and development, communication, technical expertise and technical support. Our ultimate goal is to become the preferred research partner, innovator and solutions provider within the food industry within South Africa and Africa.


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