Fall feeding: what foods to prefer?

copertina cibo autunno cecilia ingredients

Fall is a fascinating season, with its warm colors and changes in nature. But it is not only the trees that are changing; our diet should also adapt to this transitional season. In this article we will look together at how to maintain a healthy, balanced diet during the fall that ensures […]

Nutrition in summer: what foods to prefer?

alimentazione estate quali cibi preferire

Summer is finally here and with it the opportunity to enjoy the sun, the sea and tasty lunches under an umbrella or during a rejuvenating walk in the mountains. But how best to cope with this season also from a nutritional point of view? What are the most suitable foods? And what are the […]

Vitamin D: what it is used for and what foods to find it in

vitamina d cosa serve dove trovarla

Vitamin D is a group of fat-soluble substances that play a key role in the proper functioning of the body: for example, they regulate calcium and phosphate metabolism and homeostasis, supporting the physiological growth of bones and protecting them from aging but not only. Let’s find out together the properties of vitamin D and […]

Seasonal products: autumn

prodotti stagionali autunno

October has arrived, and with itautumn has knocked at the door. I had also written this in thearticle on spring seasonality, but I repeat myself: the change of season this year seems to be just ahead. From one day to the next, the cooler weather has slipped jackets out of closets and light scarves […]