The gut microbiota

microbiota intestinale comunita

What it is, what functions it performs, and how we can take care of this important ally of our health. From here and there on the Web and in magazines we have probably come across this somewhat edgy term. Gut microbiota. I can imagine eyebrows furrowing in puzzlement, eyes scrolling through the […]

The diet to strengthen the immune system

quali sono sostanze alimenti aumentano difese immunitarie

Having high immune defenses allows our bodies to defend against diseases and infections typical of certain times of the year. To make the immune system more efficient, it is essential to eat a healthy and balanced diet: here are some tips to put into practice. What is the immune system? […]

Probiotics and prebiotics: physical and mental benefits

probiotici e cervello felice

When we talk about theimportance of proper nutrition, we are not only referring to physical well-being, but also to mental well-being. In fact, eating in a healthy and balanced way directly affects the mental and physical well-being of our entire body. That’s why supplementing foods rich in probiotics and prebiotics within our […]