Homemade cheese? The step by step procedure

formaggio fatto in casa dalle molecole al piatto

Have you ever dreamed of making your own cheese at home? Sink your spoon into it, stick it in your mouth and enjoy it while mouthing “how good! And I did… Just me, with my own hands!” Cheese is one of the foods we grew up with. We have been finding it on the […]

The History of Cheeses

storia formaggi

In 1958 Charles de Gaulle, French general and statesman, said, “How do you govern a country that has 246 varieties of cheese?” A romantic way of expressing an interesting concept: this diversity expresses the complex identity of a people, which at its core contains a thousand facets. Cheese is culture, identity and tradition. It is […]

What are enzymes and why are they so important in cheese making?

cosa sono enzimi

Last week, intrigued by what I had related in the previous article , I wanted to try making homemade gorgonzola. Because I am lazy, instead of going to the pharmacy or supermarket to buy rennet, I used liquid rennet that had been given to me some time ago, even though the person who gave […]

Cheeses for all tastes! Where does their flavor come from?

formaggio tutti gusti

There is a huge variety of cheeses in the world, and Italy is world famous for many of them. Each cheese has its own flavor and aroma (1), so that it can be said that there is a cheese for every taste. But where does the taste of cheese come from? First, from milk. […]